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Why this Blog?

Water is important to us and to everyone living on this planet. It’s the most important resource we have and most of us use up to 100 gallons of it per day.Unfortunately, clean water is running out due to the number of pollutants constantly landing up in our rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

This doesn’t only affect what we drink. It also affects our health as we do our laundry and shower.

We all should have access to clean water, but that’s not what happens. You yourself may live in a city which has very poorly treated water or know someone who does.

We believe that with the proper filtering and treatment, everyone should be able to enjoy water that keeps them hydrated and serves their health.

With so many different types of water filters available, we strive to inform you on which ones will really get rid of those odors, tastes, and contaminants.

We conduct extensive research on each of the products we talk about, introducing many of the ones we’ve used and loved. We also talk about them with our friends, family, and with other satisfied customers so you know all you need to about the filter you’ll potentially buy.

Our Goal

We want to help save your time and make it much more convenient to obtain unbiased, accurate information on all the types of water filters available.

With portable, inline, and countertop filters being just a few of the kinds we’ve used and installed, we have the expertise on what to look for in the filters we come across.

We also strongly believe that if information is to be useful, it should be unbiased. That’s why we always give you the pros and cons of what you’re seeing and why it belongs to the list of top filters and water supplies.

We are glad to have the opportunity of providing you with valuable information on choosing, purchasing, installing your new water filter and also cover other water supplies.

We are dedicated to offering you tips and solutions for clean, refreshing water in your home, office, or anywhere else. If you’re looking for the best information out there on top water filters and some general tips, we’ve got you covered.

About Me

I’m Bob Allen, a plumber with 20 years of experience fixing and installing water filters. I’ve seen filter systems that pledge to be high functioning but just don’t live up to their claims.

I’ve seen other filters that have lasted my clients for years and are still producing clean, tasteless water. Looking back, it all makes sense why some of these filters just don’t work. I want to provide you with all my plumbing know-how when it comes to looking for the best filter system you deserve.

I’m also a proud (sometimes over-protective) parent looking after my spouse and kids. One thing that I always make sure about is that they are drinking water that keeps them healthy.

Here, I offer my experience, detailed reviews, shopping guides, and expert opinion so you can also treat yourself and your family to refreshing, properly filtered water.

Stay tuned for my tips and reviews for finding the best, most affordable solution to clean water.

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