Best Dual Shower Head – Reviews & Buying Guide for 2019

Best Dual Shower Head

A dual shower head system means twice the clean and comfort of a regular shower head.

First off is the larger sprinkler shower head which washes completely over you. Then there’s also the smaller, handheld piece which gives you complete control over your showering experience.

A dual shower head system is the system of choice for many people. There are many to choose from, though so we are here to make sure you get the best ones.

Find out about them here in our comprehensive review.

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1. DELTA In2ition Dual Handheld Shower Head

  • 3 way function: Choose between dual function or use each shower head separately
  • Detachable hand shower allows for more shower space depending on preferences
  • Pause setting allows you to save water while maintaining the temperature
  • Touch-clean spray holes enable easy removal of mineral deposits
  • Easy installation in just a few minutes

The Good

The flexibility due to the many settings and features, detachable handheld shower-head, and pause option make this model stand above others. It’s also very stylish with a chrome finish and extra-long hose.

Not So Good

It’s on the pricier side and the handheld shower is a part of the rain-shower head above rather than a separate piece (fewer nozzles overall).


This is one of the best dual shower head high pressure (2.50 gpm @ 80 psi) system worth far beyond its price. It offers optimal convenience and multiple settings for a personalized experience.

It’s also very simple to install and keep looking like new thanks to its touch-clean rubber nozzles and ergonomic design.

3-Way Water Diverter

The In2ition™ design features a detachable hand-held shower that can be used sepa-rately or in conjunction with the rain shower-head. It can also be removed allowing you to just use the overhead shower.

The advantage is the flexibility in being able to choose where you want your water and how much water you want to use.

5 Massage Settings with Pause Feature

This system comes with five powerful massage settings that can relieve your stress and immerse you in the rain right at home.

Featuring full body, fast massage, full spray with massage, massaging (medium speed), and slow massage.

When you just want a quick rinse, there’s also a pause feature which lets you save water while shaving or doing other tasks. Plus, the temperature stays the same when you restart.

Easy to Clean and Install

As if you haven’t been convinced that this is the  dual shower head system, this model also comes with rubber Touch-Clean® spray holes that easily dislodges de-bris or buildup with a quick wipe and rinse.

No need for chemical cleaners, soaking, or scrubbing.

2. AquaDance High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Dual Shower Head

  • Laboratory tested in the US to meet compliance standards
  • Six calming settings including Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Power Mist, Rain Massage, Rain Mist, and Pause Mode
  • Water diverter allows you to use both showers or each separately
  • Adjustable overhead bracket for directing the shower head at any angle
  • 5" stainless steel hose with brass connections for long-lasting efficiency

The Good

This powerful dual shower head high pressure system with six settings is also extremely durable and low-maintenance. Affordable pricing and perfect for full-body showering.

Not So Good

Both the shower and handheld are required for some of the six settings to work; however, some say this reduces the pressure. The hose may be short for taller per-sons.


There are many things that make the AquaDance the dual shower head system you can get for the best value. The larger shower head is 7” wide while the smaller handheld shower is 4” wide.

By using them separately or together, you can enjoy a total of 30 settings (12 full and 18 combined) including water-saving settings that protect your wallet and the environment.

Superior Versatility

The 7-inch oversized shower head face comes with several full-flowing nozzles for complete whole-body coverage, high-power click lever dial, and rub-clean jets.

The many settings that come with this model enables it to fulfill all your showering needs. Whether you want a powerful rainfall, a nice and slow massage, or just a quick water-saving rinse, the AquaDance will serve you well.

Full-Range Comfort Settings

A 3-way water diverter allows you to easily switch between one shower or the other or to use both at once.

In addition, an anti-swivel position luck allows for secure connection while in-stalling. The position of your overhead shower can be adjusted to any preferred angle.

Excellent Build and Function

This is no ordinary model. Even though it’s available at an affordable price, it comes with an ergonomic design with rubber easy-clean nozzles that resist buildup.

It is complete with an all-chrome finish and stainless steel hose.

3. Hydroluxe Dual 2-in-1 Shower Head System

  • 24 full and combined water flow and massage settings (5 each shower head)
  • 3-way water diverter and anti-swivel lock nut
  • 5" flexible stainless steel hose with conical brass hose nuts
  • Rub-Clean rubber nozzles
  • Easy installation

The Good

Very affordable price and an amazing product for what it’s worth. Made with hard-ened ABS plastic, metal-chrome finish, and rubber nozzles. Easy to clean and in-stall. Leak free.

Not So Good

The turn dial on the fixed head can be a little hard to maneuver some say. Doesn’t affect water pressure for better or worse.


Easy to install, easy to use, and easy on you. The Hydroluxe dual shower head system is indeed luxurious and will melt away your stress.

Featuring multiple massage settings, superb adjustability, a chrome finish, and lightweight build (1.5 lbs!) it’s definitely a buyers’ choice product you’ll be glad to have.

Multiple Single and Combination Settings

With 25 combination settings to choose from, you can always tailor your showering experience to match your daily needs.

Each shower-head features five amazing settings that include power rain, massage, stay-warm mist, water-saving economy rain, and pause. Use a 3-zone click lever dial to adjust your shower heads.

Each nozzle is made of rubber and can be cleaned of dust and debris.

Tool-Free Installation

You can install your new Hydroluxe best dual shower head system with hose in just a few minutes. You won’t even need any tools.

To make matters easier, the model uses conical brass hose nuts which allow for easy hand tightening. The model is said to last for a very long time, around ten years!

Lightweight But Powerful

Even though the system itself is just a few pounds heavy, it comes with two four-inch face shower heads (most systems have different face diameters) giving you even fuller coverage.

Plus, at a max flow rate of 2.5 GPM, you can expect your water to flow smoothly and freely.

4. Delta 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head

  • Powerful shower head featuring full body spray, fast massaging spray, and full body spray with massage
  • Contains pause feature to save water when shaving or performing other tasks in the shower
  • Installs in 20 minutes or less
  • 5'' hose length, rain shower head diameter 5''.
  • Detachable hand shower to be used individually or together with the over head shower

The Good

This is a very powerful shower head that can help relieve aching muscles. It has an ultra-stylish chrome finish, touch-clean spray nozzles, and is easy to install.

Not So Good

The handheld shower head is a part of and attaches to the main over-head shower head. Some say it uses more water than they expect.


This Delta model (like the other In2ition model) has a handheld shower inside the over-head shower and a detachable hose. Many of the other features are similar but with four rather than five spray settings.

The design is starkly different with this model having a metallic finish on the head and handle while the other is completely black.

Both systems are among the leading brands in the market for those looking to find the perfect dual shower head system for their home.

Convenient Use

This dual-hand held shower head with detachable hose enables you to enjoy a ver-satile spa-like showering experience in your own home. It is super easy to switch between using both shower heads at once or using each separately.

Moreover, the system can be installed in less than 20 minutes with no special tools required. You can enjoy your new shower in no time.

Magnificently Powerful

This shower head comes with pulsating and powerful massage features you are sure to enjoy.

With special massaging jets designed to deliver an invigorating experience, you’ll literally be showered with warmth and relaxation.

In addition, it comes with a pause feature that uses very little water while main-taining the same temperature.

Sophisticated Design

With a brilliant chrome finish to increase the durability, and aesthetics, of your shower head, this is a stunning addition to your bathtub.

This shower head also comes with touch-clean spray holes which can be easily cleaned using just your hand or a piece of cloth.

5. Ana Bath Spot Resist High Pressure Dual Shower Head

  • 5” over-head and handheld shower, each with five functions
  • Functions include: rain spray, massage spray, bubbling spray, rain and massage spray, rain and bubbling spray
  • 2.31 GPM flow rate for calming, spa-like showers
  • Anti clog nozzles require no effort to clean and maintain
  • rushed nickel finish with coated metal hose

The Good

Unique design and nickel finish, with large face diameters (both handheld and over-head shower heads the same size). It also comes with a 3-way diverter for your convenience.

Not So Good

Pressure is somewhat lower than some other shower heads (2.31 GPM compared to 2.5 GPM). On the other hand, it saves your water.


The Ana Bath dual shower head system holds superior in terms of durability and sturdiness. It comes with massage features that are sure to please and add a spa-like quality to your shower.

It is also simple to install and clean, making the process of adding this system to your home stress-free. The model comes coated with nickel which protects it from damage over time, and can therefore last several years.

Advance Engineering Design

This system has everything you want. It’s easy to install without the use of any drill or screwdriver. It also contains two shower heads, both of the same size 5” in face diameter.

Its massage features are enjoyable and allows you to tailor your showering experience according to your preferences. It also comes with a built-in diverter with durable brass connector so you can switch between shower heads or use both.

Excellent Materials

Like the other shower head systems on our list, this one comes with anti clog nozzles that are deposit resistant. It also comes with a 5’ stainless steel hose with two brass nuts increasing durability.

It is however unique in its brushed nickel finish and the electro-plated finish on all parts. The hose is also coated with the same finish rather than just polished.

A Breeze to Install

Just as it is a pleasure to use, it is also a breeze to install. It also comes with the sealant tape so all you’ll need to do is watch a few quick tutorials and be done in a few minutes. Most people say that their system lasts for at least five years.

6. Hotel Spa Ultra-Luxury Square Shower Head Combo

  • Push-button flow control for massage settings on handheld shower head
  • Extra-large 9” over-head shower head diameter and 4.75” handheld diameter
  • High-power rain, aeration massage (gentle mist), and luxurious waterfall (combi-nation) settings
  • Premium chrome finish and high-fashion design
  • Easy to install without using any tool, with 2-way diverter

The Good

Very unique design square-face shower heads with convenient push-button flow control. Large size with high pressure equals a riveting shower experience.

Not So Good

This system unfortunately comes with just a 2-way diverter but you can buy a separate 3-way converter if you want to use both shower heads at once.


This ultra-luxury square shower head combo emerges among its kind due to its unique shape and optimal massage features. It adds a fantastic modern spin to your bathtub, in many ways like a form of utilitarian art.

The three main features are the full massage spray, mist (which immediately cools you down), and a combination of these. The massage features give you a powerful showering experience that will allow you to unwind after a busy day or take a quick rinse depending on your needs.

Unique Flow Control

This unique and luxurious shower head system comes with a push-button to control your water flow.

This means you won’t find any hard-to-turn dials and you can change the setting with the same hand you use to hold your handheld shower.

It’s manufacturers call the feature ‘state-of-the-art’ which is not too much of a stretch when you consider how handy it is.

Extra-Large Shower Heads

The over-head shower head is a whole 9” wide which gives you full coverage and LOTS of water. The hand-held shower head is a surprising 4.75” wide.

Plus, the system comes with rub-clean jets that don’t leave the chance for deposits and debris to accumulate.

Stylish Design

There aren’t too many square-shaped dual shower heads, and this is the most sleek and stylish we’ve come across.

Featuring an all-chrome finish, angle-adjustable overhead bracket, and flexible stainless steel shower hose, it speaks for itself for a spot on our list.

It also comes with a patented 2-way diverter which lets you easily switch between one shower head or the other.

7. PowerSpa Lumina Shower Head Combo

  • Comes with LED lights powered by running water without the use of batteries
  • Turbo Pressure-Boost Nozzle Technology prevents clogging
  • Four settings: rain, massage, rain with massage, water-saving pause
  • 3-way water diverter with anti-swivel lock nut
  • Connects in minutes, lasts for years

The Good

It’s a fascinating system that’s just as useful as it’s fun to use. Brilliantly designed and relaxing features at just the right pressure.

Not So Good

Water pressure reduces if using both shower heads at once. While the light patterns are great to watch, they are random and can’t be controlled.


Once in a blue moon, you come across a fascinating household accessory not like any other. This is one of those dual shower head systems that you won’t find just anywhere.

It contains a water-powered LED light display that slowly changes between seven brilliant colors and nozzles designed to increase your water pressure without wast-ing any water.

Fun for the whole family.


This is one of the most amazing shower head systems you’ll find. If you’re looking for something that’s a little beyond just simply being functional, this model will do just that.

The LED lights are actually powered by running water! The two shower heads also come with a hydro-supercharged turbine air jet design that increases water pres-sure by injecting oxygen into your water via 48 elastic rub-clean nozzles.

This prevents clogging and provides a more powerful shower.

Fun to Use

The PowerSpa Lumina offers a vibrant display of seven color LED lights that change every few seconds then blend together just like a light show.

While watching and relaxing, you can also enjoy 24 full and combined water flow patterns that take you to the next level of calmness and relaxation.

Sturdy Build

In addition to being an ocean wave of fun, this model is also the dual shower head with hose made of stainless steel.

Each shower head is 4” in diameter with four settings and the handheld shower head is completely removable.

The 3-way diverter with anti-swivel lock nut comes and extra-flexible allows for full range of control. Plus, chrome plating and ABS material makes it highly durable.

8. Neptune Dual Shower Heads (Chrome)

  • Fixed dual shower heads each with independent swivel on ball joint
  • 3 Position Spray Pattern with adjustable spray
  • Manifold holding the shower heads in place made with solid brass
  • Long-lasting chrome finish for radiant color and shine
  • Fits all standard shower arms

The Good

Installs in seconds with enough features to offer a personal showering experience. It has a beautiful polished chrome finish, enough coverage for two people, and has great flow.

Not So Good

Doesn’t offer any range of motion as it’s a fixed system and doesn’t have as many massage features as some of the other shower heads.


The Neptune fixed dual shower head is among the best of its class. A 3-position spray pattern and chrome finish and brass manifold makes it highly functional and enduring.

It also saves your water and enables you to enjoy having two overhead shower heads on at once.

Refreshing Spray Settings

A 3-position spray pattern lets you switch from soft spray to a high-pressure full stream on both over-head shower heads at once.

The rubber spray tips are easy to clean and remain spotless even after many uses.

Fixed System

The main pro of a fixed system over a dual system is that you get twice the cover-age with uniform flow and having both shower heads securely attached to the shower wall.

It is also the best choice for couple wanting to share a shower. This model has an adequate shower head diameter to have you drenched.

Excellent Materials

The system comes with a solid brass double manifold and two shower heads with polished chrome finish. This enhances its durability and secures the system as a great addition to your shower for many years to come.

9. DreamSpa Dual-Shower Head Combo

  • 7” diameter rain (over-head) shower head and 4” diameter handheld
  • 6 massage settings (with pause): power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, eco-rain, rain/mist, rain/massage
  • 3-way Water Diverter with anti-swivel lock and angle-adjustable overhead bracket
  • 5’ super flexible stainless steel hose with conical brass hose nuts for sturdy attachment
  • Tool-free installation in minutes

The Good

Amazing massage settings and easy switching between shower heads. It’s a sophis-ticated and durable model which has all or most of the important features at a cra-zily affordable price.

Not So Good

Requires dialing to switch between shower heads but other than that, it’s an ex-quisite model you’ll love


The DreamSpa Dual Shower-Head System has just the overhead and handheld shower head diameter to completely drench you with soothing streams of water. It also contains a mist feature which can really help when you have a cold or aller-gies.

An angle-adjustable bracket gives you the leeway of directing the position and an-gle of your rainfall shower head.

Accommodating Features

This model comes in just the perfect size with a 7” chrome face rainfall shower head and 4” chrome face hand shower.

The handheld shower comes with forceful massage settings that will relax and soothe you.

Switch between all the settings via an easy-to-use 3-zone click lever dial. Rub-clean jets with 3-way diverter and anti-swivel lock angle-adjustable overhead bracket add to the convenience.

Easy to Install

Tool-free installation that can be done even by someone who has never installed a shower head before.

It comes with a 5’ flexible stainless steel hose with brass hose nuts for secure hand-tightening. All you’ll need is some teflon tape and a few minutes!

Resilient Construction

Many people have been using this model for over four years and can still attest that their shower heads are working like brand new.

It’s very lightweight which makes it even easier to install and even though it’s ABS plastic, the way it works shows it is of the highest quality.

10. AquaStorm High Pressure Luxury Shower Head Combo

  • US tested and approved for quality and performance: meets all compliance standards
  • Six settings: power rain, pulsating massage, power mist, rain massage, rain mist, and water saving economy
  • 4” face shower heads (both overhead and handheld showers)
  • Extra-flexible 5’ stainless steel heavy-duty hose with brass connection nuts
  • 3-way diverter allows the use of each shower separately or both together

The Good

Very affordable model, virtually leak-proof and meets demanding compliance standards. High water pressure and satisfying massage settings complete the pack-age.

Not So Good

Doesn’t feel like as many settings as it says (which is expected). A little harder to maneuver the dial switch between shower heads.


The AquaStorm High Pressure dual shower head system is proof that a little goes a long way. As one of the more affordable models on our list, it still has many of the features as our other models.

This includes deluxe rain and massage settings to make your showering experience the most enjoyable. It also allows you to use both shower heads together or each separately depending on your needs and how much water you want to use.

If you’re on a budget but looking for a grand shower system, this one will surely do the trick.

Premium Ergonomic Design

Both the overhead and handheld shower heads come with a 4” diameter face for full body coverage.

To choose between one or the other, or both, you can conveniently turn the high-power click lever dial. It also comes with a smooth grip handle, rub-clean jets for easy cleaning and buildup-prevention, and an angle-adjustable overhead bracket.

Choose between 24 full and combined water flow patterns to customize your show-er.

Effortless Installation

This model installs quickly and efficiently in a few minutes. All you need to do is make three hand-tightened connections. It’s also versatile and can fit any standard shower arm.
The angle-adjustable overhead bracket lets you choose the angle and position of your shower head. You can also use your handheld shower head ‘hands-free’.

Lightweight with High Pressure

Even though it’s no more than two pounds, this is spectacular dual shower head system has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM which is quite high for any standard. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

What to Look out for when Buying a Dual Shower Head

After reading all the above information on the best dual shower head system, including dual shower head high pressure (GPM 2.5 or above), you may still have a few questions in mind before making your purchase. We understand your concern and are here to help you.

Here we will give you all the details you might want to look for while shopping. They include the sometimes overlooked fine points such as the water diverter, pause feature, and type of finish, to name a few.

Without much further ado, let’s dive into it.

Touch-Clean Spray Nozzles (Are they really necessary?)

Many of the shower heads we’ve introduced come with touch-clean spray nozzles made of flexible rubber.

They’re designed in a way that all you need to do to remove buildup on them is wipe them with your hand or a piece of cloth once the water is running.

Dust and debris will almost instantly be dislodged from the holes in each nozzle without scrubbing or the use of harsh chemicals.

In our opinion, they’re totally necessary as they provide you with the easiest way to keep your shower head working like new.

3-Way Water Diverter

The reason why you’re buying a dual shower head system is most probably because you’re planning to use both shower heads.

A 3-way water diverter lets you use either the overhead or handheld shower head separately or the two of them together. That’s what you’re going for.

Contrarily, a few models like the DreamSpa Hotel Ultra-Luxury System are awesome but only have a 2-way diverter.

This requires you to purchase additional parts just to use both shower heads to-gether.

Pause Feature Included With Massage Settings

The pause feature lets you enjoy longer showers while conserving water. You can temporarily bring the water flow to a trickle while shaving or some other task.

When you’re done, simply slide the pause button back and enjoy the same setting at the same temperature as before.

If you use the shower a lot, this will definitely have a positive effect on your water bill.

LED light display

One of the models in our review came with water-powered LED lights, which is quite a recent invention.

While there may still be loopholes concerning how well it works, many users have said that their LED-light shower head lasts at least over a year before needing to be replaced.

The science behind this technology is quite interesting and you may at least want to try out this model for once.

Metal Polish vs. Coating

Most shower heads are polished with chrome or nickel in order to make the surface shine and more durable.

However, this only leaves a thin layer of metal on the surface enough to prevent the exposure of the surface and parts beneath from water exposure.

A metal coating on the shower head provides even more protection and hardness, ensuring your product lasts for years to come.

Fixed systems vs. Handheld

One more important thing to determine before buying your shower head system is whether you want a fixed system or a system with an overhead and handheld shower head.

Both have their own pros and cons. However, if you want greater maneuverability and more features, the latter will be best.

Fixed systems are perfect for smaller bathtubs and couples sharing the shower.

Flow Control

Some dual shower head systems come with a push-button (usually on the handheld shower head) which allows you to easily adjust water flow.

This helps you avoid the need to stretch to control the massage and low settings on an overhead dial. It also eliminates the difficulty of turning a rather small dial with slippery hands in the shower.

Shower Head Diameter and Shape

Shower heads come in a wide range of sizes and diameters.

A standard face diameter for the overhead shower is around 7” while the smaller handheld shower usually has a face diameter of 4”. However, there are some ‘over-sized’ heads that have a diameter of up to 9”!

Some models also come with the same size head for both shower heads.

Dual shower head systems also vary in the shape of the head. While most are bell-shaped or flat and circular, we’ve come across some highly attractive square ones. Either one also serves as an elegant decor to your bathroom shower.


Can we remove the flow reducer in our shower heads?

Yes, it is possible to remove the flow reducer if you are experiencing problems with your water flow. However, doing so may reduce the longevity of your shower head and may also void any warranty that comes with the product (if there is a warran-ty).

Are shower heads made with ABS plastic worth the money?

While plastic may have a bad rep, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is highly re-sistant to weathering, chemicals, and physical impact. It is also not so expensive to make so your sturdy and reliable shower head system is available at an affordable price. That being said, they definitely are worth the money.

On A Final Note

You’ve now learned a great deal about the dual shower head systems on the

To reiterate, the Delta In2ition Dual Handheld Shower Head System tops the list since it comes with all the features you’d look for: sturdy build, sleek design, de-tachable handheld shower, 3-way diverter, five different massage settings, high pressure, and ergonomic design.

It can transform your bathroom into a personal sophisticated home spa, just for you and your family!

If it’s a little outside your price range, the best value can be had with the AquaDance High Pressure Dual Shower Head System. It offers many of the desired features at a much more affordable price.

Whether you’re looking for the best shower head with hose or the best fixed sys-tem, we’ve got you covered.

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