Best Shower Heads For Low Water Pressure in 2019 (Comparison Included)

Best Shower Heads For Low Water Pressure

Having low water pressure in the pipes connecting to your shower can be super frustrating. It can happen due to many reasons. Line clogging or leakage, as well as blockages in the water holes of your shower head could cause it.

Having the right shower head designed for low water pressure will help solve your problem. It can increase the pressure by increasing the flow and keeping itself free debris and deposits.

Of course, not every shower head you come across will help with your issue. When you have a problem with low water pressure, you need the best shower heads in the market. Here, we are ready to provide you with a list that shows you just that.

In Rush?

We have a list of three awesome brands that you’ll want to look at firsthand…


Best Pick


Best Value


Best Budget

1. ANZA High Pressure Hand-held Shower Head With Hose

  • 57 top-quality nozzles that easily detach from the base for cleaning
  • Lightweight product measuring 13 ounces total
  • High grade ABS with chrome finish and rubber nozzles
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate with removable flow regulator
  • Metal swivel allows for angle and position adjustments

The Good

This is one of the highest quality shower heads for low water pressure. It’s durability is excellent due to its bronze finish. It also comes with a stainless steel water hose that helps you avoid the problem of hard water and rust.

Not So Good

The O-ring (flow restrictor) must be removed for some of the massage settings to work opti-mally. However, almost everyone who use this brand do say they love it. Price is somewhat high.


A special shower-head that is designed to increase the pressure that goes through it in order to bring you high water flow. The massage and water saving settings also allow you to have exact-ly the shower that you want. Fast and refreshing, or slow and calming are now your choice.

It comes with a 1.8 GPM flow restrictor (by law). However, this is easily removed in case you want your flow rate to be even higher. In addition, the set-up for this brand is one of the easi-est. You’ll be ready to enjoy your new showering experience in no time.

Amazing durability

The ABS construction for this brand makes it extremely durable and heat-resistant. In addition, the oil-rubbed bronze finish and anti-clogging, rub-clean nozzles serve to increase its lifetime even more.

Plus, the anti-cracking and adjustable brass ball joint and 5” stainless steel hose allows you to position your shower head to your heart’s content with ease.

Spa-like settings for maximum enjoyment

This shower head works well with both high and low water flow but is especially designed to improve the flow of your water. It has a click dial that allows you to easily change between dif-ferent flow patterns and intensity.

Rainfall, Wide Massage, Full Cover Rain, Power Massage, Rain Massage allow you to enjoy your shower fully. Water Saving Pause allows you to deduct from your water bill when you’re just in for a quick rinse.

Super-Easy Installation

This shower head installs within minutes with clear step-by-step instructions provided with the packaging. It fits all standard shower arms and also has an easy-to-remove flow restrictor. This allows for a very powerful shower spray.

2. WantBa High Pressure Rainfall Massage Shower Head

  • 42 high-quality nozzles that are sure to increase the flow rate
  • Constructed with durability in mind, from ABS plastic, brass fitting, and silicone rubber
  • nozzles. Coated with a metal finish.
  • Easy to remove flow restrictors with ready-made instructions
  • Sleek circular bulb-like head assures easy flow

The Good

The shower head features a 6” wide face and is hotel quality. It also contains a removable flow regulator, adjustable metal swivel ball, and is made of some of the best materials.

Not So Good

Narrower wash zone that may require you to move around a bit in the shower. Not exactly a full-body shower but great nonetheless. One-mode only.


This hotel-style shower head allows you to experience the utmost quality and comfort in your own home. It’s also so easy to install by yourself that you will be done in a flash.

It can help solve your hard water problems since the nozzles detach from and re-attach to the base easily. With this product, you’ll have a shower head that looks like new for years to come.

Rainfall Massage Head

This high-pressure shower head makes you feel as if you are showering outside in the rain. It’s powerful enough to work great even with low water pressure.

With 57 nozzles on a 6” face, it ensures a good flow that’s gentle enough for a spa-like mas-sage.

High Quality Material

Its high-grade ABS body resists heat and moisture damage, and makes for a highly durable shower head.

The chrome plated finish further gives it the ability to resist mineral corrosion, increases sur-face hardness, and makes it easier to clean. Rubber nozzles last like new for a long time.

Easy Tool-free Installation

With 2.5 gym flow control, it fits most all standard US plumbing connections. All you need to do is unscrew your old shower arm, tape the opening, then screw in the new shower arm and head. Then, you’re all set!

3. Aqua Elegante 3” High Pressure Shower Head

  • Oversized 4.5” face made from high-grade ABS with enough nozzles to deliver great water flow
  • Six settings: Rainfall, Power Massage, Rainfall+Power Massage, Circular Massage, Rain-fall+Circular Massage and Water Saving Trickle
  • Stainless steel hose and chrome finish for extra durability
  • 360 degree rotating system increases convenience of use
  • Extra-long stretchable (63” to 75”) stainless steel hose

The Good

High-grade materials that help you prevent buildup and blockages that eventually reduce the quality of most common shower heads. Highly affordable price.

Not So Good

Some people have claimed that it is actually too powerful especially without the flow restrictor. It also does not come with adjustable flow or massage patterns.


A beautiful shower head that can be installed within three minutes. It works wonders in increas-ing the flow rate of your shower and can even be too efficient if you have regular flow.

Its high-quality engineered materials such as ABS plastic, self-cleaning silicone rubber nozzles, and metal finish make it both stylish and durable. You’re guaranteed a shower that will feel amazing.

Powerful Unrestricted Flow

While it has only 42 nozzles, they work powerfully in increasing the flow rate of your shower. For some reason, there have been quite a few people who say they work even too well.

With the restrictor in place, the flow is just right for those with regular or slightly decreased flow. However, if you do have a very low flow rate, this is hands down the shower head to try.

Self-Cleaning Nozzles

The self-cleaning (and drip-free) nozzles on this shower-head means that you don’t need to worry about mineral deposits gathering in them.

You’ll also seldom have to do the cleaning yourself. The flow will continue unimpeded with free-flowing nozzles that provide you the powerful showering experience you’ve always wanted.

3 Minute Installation

The twist-on installation takes three to five minutes from start to finish and requires no plumb-ing assistance.

One of the most top-convenience shower heads for the reason mentioned above and this very quick installation. The built-in metal swivel ball makes it easy for you to control the angle and direction of your shower head.

4. G-Promise High Pressure Shower Head

  • 90 precision-engineered high-pressure nozzles
  • 6” flat, circular face plate gives a functional, ultra-modern appearance
  • 360 degree tilting solid brass ball joint allows for full range of motion
  • Easy five minute installation without plumbing assistance
  • High-quality ABS with brushed nickel finish

The Good

Multiple settings allows you to adjust the flow rate and pattern to what you want. Flexible ex-tra-long hose and 360 degree rotating system allows maximum convenience and control. High-durability with chrome finish.

Not So Good

Takes slightly longer (several minutes) to install with a simple wrench and may require some plumbing assistance especially for novices. However, once installed, it is leak-proof and lasts many years.


This G-promise shower head is indeed a promise of high-quality, durability, and a literal trans-formation to your showering experience.

Its oversized shower-head and design also allows for full body coverage and adjustable settings lets you enjoy maximum flow or a trickle when that’s needed. Its stainless steel hose and metal bracket allows it to beat any shower head that uses plastic for these parts.

High Quality Engineering

This shower head comes with a special shower bracket holder made completely from solid brass. It allows no water to pass by the adjustable ball connector and gives a sturdy base. The system also comes with a long stainless steel hose that can stretch for over 10 inches! Its over-sized head means that you can enjoy a full body shower without having to move around.

Leak-proof Settings

This leak-proof shower head and system lasts for many years making your installation efforts worthwhile. It bears a lot of weight and is one of the most durable heads you can find. If you are looking for durability as a key factor, this is your go-to.

Worth the Installation Efforts

This isn’t one of the easiest shower heads to install, but it certainly also isn’t the hardest. You’ll need a simple wrench (which comes with the head), Teflon tape, some time, and the know-how to follow instructions provided.

The flow restrictor or “water saver” is also removable and instructions to remove it can be found in the manual.

5. ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Grade High Pressure Shower Head

  • Expertly designed to amplify the flow rate and volume of your shower
  • Solid brass ball joint connects to shower arm to allow for flexible angle and position control
  • Adjustable settings include pulsating massage and combination spray and massage
  • Brass volume control also allows for adjustment of water flow without removing flow restrictor
  • Made of metal with a chrome finish

The Good

Free-flowing water that doesn’t make you feel you’re getting blasted. It also has the appear-ance, utility, and durability of a spa shower head. The nickel finish gives it a unique appearance and shine.

Not So Good

It comes in only one setting and may not significantly increase very low water flow since it’s quite gentle.


This amazing shower head comes with all you need to enjoy a spa experience in your own home. Featuring 90 high-functioning, precise, anti-clogging nozzles, it has the most on our list!

This gives it the advantage of delivering amazing flow while still being quite gentle. The
advantages are made better by the fact that it’s also very easy to install so you don’t have to worry about needing someone to help you.

Luxury Spa Grade

High quality full-body ABS construction to allow for heat and moisture resistance. The nickel finish, high number of nozzles, and 360 degree tilting solid brass ball joint allows you to control the rain in your shower!

The water which comes out of this shower head is gentle and calming, even as the flow rate is significantly increased.

High-Grade Materials

High-grade ABS plastic is used, which allows the shower head to last for a very long time. The nozzles themselves are made of silicone rubber which lasts very long without degrading. A nickel finish increases durability and makes for a brilliant appearance.

Easy Installation

Yet another easy to install high-grade product that is sure to please. The multiple nozzles on the shower head also provide the benefit of saving water overall by decreasing the length of time you need to shower.

The adjustable ball joint gives you the ability to position your shower however you like and avoid making a mess after your exhilarating shower.

6. The Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head

  • 6.5 feet extra long, flexible, stainless steel hose for easy control
  • Angle adjustable shower bracket allows for convenient position adjustments
  • 3 settings: spray, massage, spray+massage
  • Brushed nickel finish for enhanced durability and appearance
  • Easy, five-minute installation

The Good

An upgrade or at least a switch from ABS plastic, this all-metal shower head
features at least two massage settings and is easy to position at any angle. The brass volume control is unique to this shower head and allows for easy adjustment of water flow.

Not So Good

The newest versions may still have some parts made with ABS. Cosmetic appearance may vary from pictures seen of the product.


Claimed by its manufacturers to be a one-of-a-kind solution to the problem of low and trouble-some water flow. It is indeed unique with its brass volume control allowing not only a change in setting but in how much water is being used.

It also has many of the features you’d find in the best low-pressure shower heads: flexibility, durable finish, and high-grade material. Last but not least, it is very easy to install!

Works Like a Hydrant

A strong pulsating water flow is guaranteed with this shower head. It features quite a few set-tings allowing you to go from light massage to a refreshing “hydrant” spray!

This shower head is specifically designed with your low water pressure in mind. Your problems with flow will be those of yesterday.

Made of Metal

While the newer versions have some ABS plastic materials, the original hydrant is made with metal and works wonderfully.

It comes with a steel finish that protects it from damage and adds to the spa-like shine. US-manufactured and trusted by many loyal customers, it’s a classic you’re sure to love.

Original Design

If you’re looking for something new and exciting, this shower head is what you are looking for. With its brass volume control, you won’t have to remove a flow restrictor to be able to enjoy full water flow.

Solid brass ball joint also lasts very long and allows you to secure your shower head in any way you want. It may look simple but it will be more powerful than expected!

7. Kasuny High Pressure Handheld Shower Headset

  • Shower head made of ABS plastic polished with oil-rubbed bronze
  • Removable flow restrictor to allow ease of flow
  • 6 different settings: Saturating Power Blast, Pulsating Power Blast, Pulsating Massage, Gen-tle Rain, Water Saving + 2 mixed modes
  • Self-cleaning nozzles prevent mineral and calcium deposits
  • Easy five minute installation requiring no plumbing assistance or tools

The Good

Just the right combination of efficiency and style, made mostly with stainless steel and coated with brushed nickel. One of the most durable shower heads. The extra long hose also makes your shower the most convenient experience.

Not So Good

The settings do not come with a water-saving mode. Shower bracket not made of steel.


This simple yet elegant shower head is great especially for larger tubs. It works great for taller persons as well due to its extra long hose.

The convenience of the angle adjustable shower bracket also adds to the convenience of being able to position your shower head any direction you want. It’s also one of the easy-install brands so what’s not to love?

Durable Materials

The shower head itself is made of stainless steel with a brushed nickel. This enhances the quali-ty of the head as well as its appearance.

Plus, a double-lock stainless steel outer tubing assures that it will last for many years. The shower bracket is made with ABS plastic with nickel finish for enhanced grip and durability.

Super Flexibility

The hose connecting to this shower head is two meters long! This gives you complete control over how far you want your water to reach and how much water you want to use.

It is also designed in such a way that it doesn’t kink or break. Also comes with standard size sol-id brass connectors.

Massage and Shower Settings

Massage settings are perfect for relaxing the body under a powerful, refreshing spray. Shower settings, on the other hand, is gentler and allows you to get rid of all the shampoo and condi-tioner in your hair.

Use the “both” settings for a shower and even to wash your pets and clean your bathroom.

8. Aqua Elegante High Pressure Boosting Shower Head

  • Actually two heads in one; comes with hand-held shower that can be used together or separate
  • Flower-patterned nozzles and stainless steel hose offers great quality and a unique look
  • Patented 3-way diverter allows you to switch between shower heads or use both
  • Six settings: Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Power Mist, Rain Massage, Rain Mist, and Wa-ter Saving mode

The Good

Great transformation of water flow. Has a mesh screen filter that filters water coming through. Amazing variety of shower settings.

Not So Good

Package does not come with a hose. The dark oil-rubbed bronze finish may make dust on the surface difficult to distinguish.


This stylish oil-rubbed bronze luxury shower head is both lightweight and visually appealing. It has a great system with a mesh filter that filters the water going through. The self-clean nozzles that are featured on the shower head face also saves a lot of cleaning work. It is also a very lightweight model that you can easily install in a matter of minutes.

Built to Last

The majority of parts in the shower head are made with high-quality ABS plastic. The brass fit-tings securing the shower head ensure that it will not crack or leak. It has a removable flow re-strictor which is easy to remove but may be required for those with decent water pressure.

Variety of Settings

With six settings to choose from, including three massage styles, a water saving mode, and two mixed modes, there is always a setting that will fit your mood. Each setting changes the water flow and pattern allowing for a unique and enjoyable experience in the shower.

Stays Clean

The self-clean nozzles made of silicone rubber stay clear of dirt and debris. This might not come directly from your water but accumulates as minerals deposit from long-term use. The special nozzles are able to fight the test of time by

9. AquaDance Premium High Pressure Shower Head

  • Strong pressure boosting with three settings: powerful spray, massage, and combo
  • 100% guaranteed to increase water flow and power against low pressure
  • Extra long 79” hose with chrome-polished brackets
  • Self-cleaning silicone rubber jet nozzles allows for simple cleaning
  • Comes with stainless steel hose with solid brass connections

The Good

Beautiful stainless steel shower head with chrome finish. Silicone rubber nozzles complete the package. It works wonders in increasing water flow and has both main and smaller handheld head.

Not So Good

This may not be the best option for shorter people since it is difficult to reach the higher main shower head. Accompanying stainless steel hose is only 5’ long. Requires batteries.


A premium choice for a shower head that works extremely well to increase the flow of water even with low water pressure. It stands out for nozzles which are arranged in an attractive flower design on a flat circular disc face.

Lightweight and compact, it also comes with a smaller handheld head that you can choose whether or not to use.

Fancy Two-Shower System

Two shower heads for the price of one! You can choose to just install and use one or both of the overhead and hand-held shower heads that come with your order. Both are of the best quality and matching in style and color.

The larger head has a 7” chrome face while the smaller has a 4” face. The hose connected to the pipeline is also very flexible, ensuring ease of flow.

Easy Installation and Connection

The installation and connection between the two shower heads takes relatively little time and you can do it on your own.

Installation is complete with just three hand-tightened connections. The fit is universal, so it works with every standard shower arm. However, you will also need one lithium polymer bat-tery to make the system work.

Full Body Coverage

The oversized 7” larger shower and 4” handheld shower ensure that you will be drenched com-pletely in water the moment you turn on your shower. There is a high-power click lever dial which allows you to adjust the angle whichever way you please.

10. Yoo-Mee High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

  • Powerful Spray Shooting Against Low Pressure Water Pipe
  • The Silicone Rubber Jet Nozzles prevent the build-up of minerals, easy for Self-Cleaning by fingers.
  • Easy, tool-free installation
  • 6 shower head settings including Rainfall, Wide Massage, Full Cover Rain, Power Massage, Rain Massage, Water Saving Pause.

The Good

It has just the right amount of settings and works great. It also comes with an extra long hose and can be easily positioned to whichever angle you prefer. Self-cleaning nozzles allow for cleaning to be done in just minutes.

Not So Good

Has fewer settings; however, you won’t be missing much if you choose this model. No water-saving mode.


A shower head that is sure to transform your low pressure shower into a high pressure shower. Comes with a handle and body made of heat-resistant ABS engineer-grade plastic, stainless steel hose, and solid brass connections.

Don’t let the simple packaging that comes with this product fool you! It really is worth a shot. Installs within a few minutes like all good pressure-increasing shower heads.

100% Guaranteed Pressure Increase

In addition to the removable flow restrictor, which can cause the flow to increase significant when removed, the shower head is designed to be turbo-charging.

It works using a “water conservation working principle” to make the most of the water that comes through. Many people say that the flow strength is so good that it can even relieve mus-cle pain.

Self-Cleaning Silicon Nozzles

Silicon rubber nozzles are easy to clean and can actually be called self-cleaning since dirt and debris rub off from their surfaces. The shower head body and bracket are made of ABS, which is high in strength and heat resistant.

The accompanying stainless steel hose comes with brass connection fittings to maintain the product’s durability.

Three Essential Settings

While three is fewer than six, the Yoo-Mee comes with all the settings you need.

Whether it be powerful spray (in which water steadily comes from all the nozzles), massage spray (gentler water comes from two inner ring holes), or combination spray (water comes di-rectly from all the nozzles with the inner holes functioning as a massager).

These settings allow you to get a quick rinse, a nice relaxing bath, and even clean your bathtub with ease.

What To Look For When Buying A Shower Heads

Shower heads are not just mere accessories. They are a part of your everyday showering expe-rience and can determine the quality of shower you have.

Therefore, it is extremely important to select the right shower head for your need.

There are some general features which make a shower head the best. There are also accessory features which serve as a great bonus, yet might not be for everyone.

Everyone who has low water pressure wants a shower head that can increase their water flow. In order for this to happen you need the right anti-clogging nozzles, a flexible stainless steel hose, and a body made of high-quality (usually engineer-grade ABS) material.

After carefully considering all the facts, we put our minds into helping you know what to look for. Here is a guide that will help you zone in on what you need to know before buying your best shower head.

Finding the Right Nozzles

What makes shower heads designed for low-water pressure the most efficient is that they have the right type of nozzles and the right number. Usually, the number ranges from around forty to ninety as you’ve seen in this review, though there are certainly outliers.

The ShowerMaxx Luxury Shower Head which has 90 precise anti-clogging nozzles is so great because the flow is instantly increased just by the increase in number of nozzles. The pressure itself tends to be lower than a hydrant-like shower head yet you’ll still get all the water you need to enjoy your shower.

Most of the nozzles you see here are made of silicone rubber. This is crucial since they last the longest and withstand the effects of water and heat.

They also have smooth surfaces that allow dust and debris collected to be easily washed off. Thus, you may not even have to worry about cleaning your shower head other than with water.

Some of the nozzles are also detachable from the face and head. This allows you to thoroughly clean any residue that may be gathering after a long period of time. This is just there as an ex-tra feature though since, we repeat, the “self cleaning” silicone rubber nozzles really do their job.

On Flow Restrictors

You will have seen that for every shower head that we talked about, there was a flow restrictor or O-ring in place. These are necessary, by law in most cases, for limiting the amount of water (also air) that exits a shower head or dispenser.

While they serve to protect you from safety hazards and are environmentally friendly, if you have low pressure to begin with, you will want them removed. The ones we have mentioned have restrictors that can be easily removed; however, other models may require a struggle.

There are exactly two kinds. Internal restrictors are the O-rings made with metal or plastic, with holes in the center. External restrictors are screwed on between the shower head and wa-ter pipe. They tend to be the ones easier to remove.

Modes and Settings

Throughout this review, you’ve seen shower heads that come in many a number of settings. Some have only one standard mode, which doesn’t allow you to switch up if you want a power-ful blast versus a quick, water-saving rinse.

The next step from this are the three-setting heads which usually comes in power rinse, gentle massage, and combination mode. The names for these of course will differ. Basically, the idea is having a high-power, low-power, and in between mode.

The six-setting shower heads are the best. That’s because you’ll get a wide variety of massage styles, as well as an important feature called the Water Saving Mode. This lets you use a much less amount of water when you don’t need that much without you having to tinker continuously with the flow restrictor.

If the flow ends up being too high when you remove the restrictor and you have this mode, you’ll be fine using it!


All of the shower heads we have featured here are quite easy to install and universally fits all standard shower arms. It is important to check whether any model you buy can be installed and matches your shower arm.

The way that most of these shower heads are replaced does not usually even require tools.

A wrench and few extra minutes are required on some other models (such as the G-Promise High Pressure Head) but the process is quite simple. Instruction manuals are provided with each model and often involve just screwing, unscrewing, and part replacement.


Most of the models here with the exception of a few are made with ABS plastic. While you may shun from the world “plastic”, engineer-grade ABS plastic is the best material that can be used in a low-pressure shower head.

It is a durable synthetic material that is designed to last for a long time without wearing out. It also resists buildup and clogging. Water, steam, and heat won’t wear it out like they would with most materials. It’s even better than steel since it won’t tarnish.

Special Features

We’ve already mentioned a lot of features but if you want an out of the box solution, there’s always something to look out for. Take the AquaDance Premium High Pressure Shower Head for instance.

It comes with a handheld shower head as well so you get two shower heads even though you’re actually ordering one. However, this may be quite inconvenient for a small shower and the sec-ond shower head may be too tall if you’re a little on the short side.

It’s important to think about whether the special features offered will be a good match for your tub and for you.


What if I don’t want a shower head made with ABS? Are there any other options?

ABS material, while plastic, is very likely the best material you can get for a shower head. It is heat and water-damage resistant and is engineered to promote the longevity of your purchase.

If you really don’t want ABS, there are also some rare models made with stainless steel or other metal. The original fire hydrant model, for example, is made with metal and steel.

What should I do if the flow actually becomes too strong?

Usually, the flow being too strong is not a problem for those with low water pressure. However, we suggest that you do not dispose of your flow restrictor until you’ve tested out your water. You can always replace it back if you notice the flow being too strong.

Another suggestion is to buy a model that has a “water saving mode”. If the flow is too strong, you can get it to be just right using this mode.

On a Final Note

Before you go and make the buy, here’s a recap for you on what makes certain shower heads are among the best.

The ANZA High Pressure Hand-held Shower Head is on top of the list because of its high quality construction, number of anti-clogging spray nozzles, many settings, and incredible durability. It really does its job in getting flowing to you in abundance- just like the rain!

If you’re hoping for a great buy yet want something more affordable, look no further than the Aqua Elegante High Pressure Shower Head which features a sturdy shower head, forty nozzles, and powerful flow. Even though it has just one setting, it simply works great.

The other shower heads on our list are likewise great! Among them, you’re sure to make a se-lection you’ll love.

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