The Best Water Filter for Chlorine (Reviews 2021)

Tired of the strong chemical odor in your water? Then it’s time to get the best water filter for chlorine.

While chlorine kills all kinds of contaminants like viruses and bacteria, too much chlorine may change the water composition, making it slightly unpleasant.

Luckily, you can always use a chlorine water filter. It cleans up the water from all kinds of particles that may cause harm. But most importantly, this filter reduces the amount of chlorine in the water, making it safer and more pleasant for consumption.

Below, we’ll show you the importance of a water filter, how it works, and some of the highest-quality chlorine water filters you can get. Take a look and learn more.

Best Water Filters for Chlorine Reviews

1.Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter System

By preventing a single drop of water from reaching faucets without getting filtered first, the Rhino Whole House Filter from Aquasana becomes our pick for the best water filter to remove chlorine.

Its ability to reduce chlorine by 97% is unbeatable. But it is not only the chlorine that it removes but herbicides, pesticides, mercury, lead, VOCs, and much more. It does this by using carbon media as well as KDF filtration. The efficiency of the system is outstanding.Aquasana-Rhino-

In fact, it is one of the fastest filters you can get too. The water delivery at home won’t slow down much compared to other filters that reduce pressure exponentially. And on top of its effectiveness and speed, it still leaves minerals around. The water on your faucet will be totally drinkable and healthy.

Another considerable advantage of this filter is the cost. While it feels a bit expensive at first, the filter’s cost is reduced exponentially over time. In contrast with other systems, this one requires a lot less maintenance and replacement. Each filter will last up to 3 months, and they’re decently cheap.

Lastly, you can enjoy a super-easy installation. Thanks to the 20-inch pre-filter and post-filter, plus the brass fittings for any type of fixture – the filter will work graciously on any plumbing system. It also comes with shut-off valves and bends supports, making it a lot more practical and easier to install.

While setting up the water filter shouldn’t take more than a day, you will need special tools and a large enough place to do so. If you aren’t experienced in water filter installations, this process could become a huge problem. Luckily, a plumber should set up within a few hours for cheap.

What We Like:

  • Because it can handle over 1 million gallons, this filter can last up to 10 years without a single problem – saving you tons of time and money.
  • Will get rid of all the chlorine in your water while also removing sediment and other contaminants that you don’t want.
  • We found that the filter is super-effective at removing contaminants but also fantastic at doing it extra-fast for a more satisfying experience.
  • Even though the filter eliminates even the most dangerous contaminants in the water, it still leaves healthy minerals behind.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Performing with such a fantastic filtering capacity and speed, the filter is obviously expensive.
  • The installation may take a bit more time than you expect if you aren’t experienced.


2.AO Smith Whole House Chlorine Removal Central Filter

A central filter is the best way to clean up every single drop of water delivered to your house. By saving you the money of getting a filter for every faucet, hose, or showerhead, the AO Smith Central Filter becomes the best whole house water filter to remove chlorine.

It delivers the ability to clean up the water fast. Specially designed to work on 4-people households, it cleans deeply every time. Without drainage or waste, you can start seeing it as one of the most efficient, as it also filters water rapidly.AO-Smith-Whole-House

The filtration effectiveness is other-worldly as well. It will reduce up to 97% of all chlorine in your water. This will improve everything, from the taste to the smell and even how it looks. You’ll enjoy an almost perfect tap water composition after installing this filter.

Another vital feature comes from long-lasting construction. It is made to filter over 600,000 gallons of water or 6 years of constant use. For the price, this is an excellent addition to your household, as it also demands little maintenance to keep working as expected.

The installation is the easiest you can expect. As long as you have space for an additional carbon filter, setting up this one won’t be a problem. It comes with a manual of instructions, so even a beginner in plumbing systems can set it up safely and quickly.

While the installation is easy, it is not perfect. Because the fitting is so broad, it is super-hard to make it work neatly without leaks later on. But if you seal off the fittings, the leaks while using will diminish exponentially.

What We Like:

  • Can filter out enough water for households of up to 4 people without a single problem.
  • Despite its exceptional filtering capacity, the filter is still long-lasting as it can handle over 6 years of consistent use.
  • Not only removes chlorine and other contaminants from the water but also gets rid of odors and bad taste.
  • Thanks to its single-filter design you won’t have to spend hours setting up the place for the installation and instead get it done within an hour.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • One thing that wasn’t pleasant to see was the fittings on the connection leaking out. The fittings are slightly larger than the standard so tightening them becomes a nightmare.


3.AquaHomeGroup Luxury Chlorine Shower Head Filter

Sometimes you don’t want to filter water from the source directly. Instead, you want to filter it on its endpoint. That’s where a chlorine water filter for a shower may come useful.

The AquaHomeGroup Luxury Showerhead Filter helps you take clean and safe showers. Using 15 stages in the filter, it will remove even the smallest of contaminants on the water. This includes rust, heavy metals, sand, general sediments, and more importantly, chlorine.AquaHomeGroup

Among these stages, you can find a KDF 55 media, activated carbon filter, calcium sulfite layer, and alkaline ceramic balls. This combination of filters with a few extra filtrating materials will purify your shower water as nothing else can.

These filters also last 6 months. That saves you some time and effort in replacements. You won’t have to be continually getting them in and out.

But even then, the installation is decently straightforward. A few minutes is more than enough to set the filter on your shower. There’s no need to use tools or modify your shower. Instead, you can hand-tight the piece directly, no matter what type of shower it is.

Lastly, you can enjoy high-quality ABS plastic housing. This material ensures maximum durability as well as resistance to most water-related damage. Your showerhead will deliver the cleanest water for years without breaking down due to rust.

As for the disadvantages, we can add the dripping. The filter may start dripping after you shut it off. This may be a little annoying for some users. Luckily, it only happens for a few seconds or minutes. Then it will stop.

What We Like:

  • Its excellent ABS housing will prevent the slightest of damage while ensuring maximum filtering capacity over the years.
  • We found the filter to clean effectively but also efficiently, providing decent durability of about 6 months before needing a replacement.
  • Even the most inexperienced user can set this filter up without making much of an effort as it boasts an effortless design.
  • The 15 stages on the filter will remove all kinds of contaminants in the shower so you can take baths without worries.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Due to a plastic construction, the filter doesn’t seal the connection crevices well enough so there’s a chance you will experience leaking after closing the shower.


4.Boogie Blue Plus+ Chlorine Garden Hose Filter

Another reason to eliminate chlorine from the water is to make it safer for plants. Chlorine and chloramines can be pretty dangerous for vegetation, causing serious damage and possibly killing them in the long term.

Luckily, the Boogie Blue Plus+ Garden Hose comes to the rescue. With its fantastic array of filters, including a dual-catalytic carbon media and KDF membrane, the Plus+ reduces chlorine in the water by up to 99%.Boogie-Blue-Plus

It is not only chlorine that it removes. You also get excellent filtration against all kinds of contaminants, going from heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and toxins that may harm your plants. When it comes to filtrating the water that comes out of your garden hose, few filters work like the Plus+ from Boogie Blue.

The filters are also immensely durable. They can handle over 45,000 gallons of water. This improves its lifespan over competitors, making it last at least 2 more years than the typical hose filter.

Even the installation of the filter is a pleasure. It fits most 3/4-inch hoses without problems. But you can also set it up anywhere, going from pools to hot tubs, spas, RVs, water tanks, and much more. There’s simply no limit to where you can set it up to start enjoying super-clean and safe water at home.

While the filter gets rid of chlorine, it will also reduce the pressure of your garden hose. You will have to either crank up the spout to double the pressure or eventually spend a bit more time watering your plants. Either way, the water will be cleaner than ever before.

What We Like:

  • The combination of KDF membrane and carbon media filters delivers an almost unbeatable filtering capacity every time.
  • Such a quality filter can handle over 45,000 gallons of water which makes it last a long time before being replaced.
  • Its 3/4-inch fitting is compatible with almost any garden hose and many other faucets/sinks of the same size.
  • Apart from removing chlorine, it will also get rid of harmful chemicals that may cause damage to your plants and vegetation.

What We Didn’t Like:

  •  It is so effective at filtering contaminants from the water that it needs to reduce water pressure exponentially, which not everyone will appreciate.


5.Woder WD-S-8K-DC Water Filtration System

The ideal place to install a water filter is under the kitchen sink. That’s the most used faucet at home, as it delivers the water you use for washing dishes, cooking, and drinking water. So you must use the best chlorine filter – like the WD-S-8K-DC from Wonder.Woder-WD-S-8K-DC

Its ability to clean the water off contaminants is unbeatable. Boasting a fantastic selective-filtration system, the piece removes up to 99% of all impurities, including chlorine. The advantage comes in the minerals the filter leaves behind. You will get safe-to-drink and healthy water every time.

This filter is also decently durable, with 8,480 gallons of total capacity. If you use it with clean municipal water, then you’ll even better results over time.

It is also a high-pressure filter. With a flow-rate capacity of 2 GPM, you can enjoy decently fast water delivery every time—no need to wait minutes to fill up your pots ever again.

The installation is also a piece of cake. With a Direct Connect threading system, the filter will fit on any 3/8-inch connection without a problem. The filter goes almost directly on the faucet, saving you tons of time and effort on the installation itself.

Last but least, the water that comes out of the faucet will be odorless and colorless. Turbidity and awful smells will be taken out, so you can get the most pleasant water every time.

The filter is so effective at trapping contaminants that it clogs up quickly. The average lifespan for this filter is 8 months. But if you consider how well it cleans up the water, it’s totally worth the investment.

What We Like:

  • Can handle up to 2 GPM of pressure so you won’t have to wait minutes before the water comes out of the faucet.
  • Boasting a Direct-Connect fitting design will save you a lot of time and effort in the installation process.
  • After filtering the water, we received the cleanest water we could expect without a single sign of contaminants in smell or color.
  • Considering how well it filters and how easy it is to install, the price feels like a bargain.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • One of the reasons the filter is decently affordable is because you get a mere 8,480-gallon capacity so you’ll need to change it within the first 6 months of use.


6.Hydro-Logic 31035 100-GPD Stealth-RO100 Reverse Osmosis Filter

Sometimes, removing chlorine and common contaminants is not enough. You may also want to get rid of Total Dissolved Solids as well as other small particles that may be overlooked in a standard chlorine filter.

If that’s your case, then you’ll love the Stealth-RO100 filter from Hydro-Logic. As a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter, it boasts a semi-permeable membrane that cleans up to 95% of all TDS, delivering the cleanest water you could expect. This filter will undoubtedly change how you drink water at home.Hydro-Logic

But it is not the filtering capacity that sets it apart. You can also filter out more water than with a standard model, as it offers over 100 gallons of low ultra-pure water per day. Considering it eliminates 98% of all contaminants with such high delivery capacity, it becomes a must-have.

This high-filtering capacity fits well with the low-waste system. It is so effective at filtering and so fast that it reduces total wastage by 25% compared to standard options. And what’s even better, it lasts a lot more – handling over 1 year of use.

Another exceptional quality of the filter is the side gauge. It will let you know how fast the water is passing through the filter via PSI readings. If that doesn’t make it a filter you should have, then nothing will.

While the filter performs well in high-pressure areas, it may feel slow on low-pressure ones. If you need a lot of filtered water (over 50 gallons a day), make sure you’re connecting to a high-pressure system. Otherwise, it may let you down.

What We Like:

  • It has an excellent pressure gauge on top which lets you check whether it is working at full speed or not.
  • Thanks to its efficiency at filtering, the system doesn’t produce any waste that could eventually demand replacement or repairs.
  • Apart from getting rid of chlorine effectively, the filter removes sediment and other chemicals that may cause health issues.
  • The long-lasting filter can handle a whopping 100 gallons per day without wearing out or damaging filtering results.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • After trying it on different faucets, we found that it doesn’t deliver enough filtering speed. Using it on places with little pressure will make it last minutes before getting a gallon of water.


7.Yescom 5-Stage RO Water Filter System Reverse Osmosis

A chlorine filtration system doesn’t have to be expensive to provide excellent results. The 5-Stage RO Water Filter from Yescom is a clear example of that.

Its effectiveness comes from the 5-stage filtering composition, boasting a sediment filter made of propylene that gets rid of large particles. Then you get a GAC coconut shell carbon filter plus a CTO coconut block filter. Together, they remove small particles further, including chlorine. Yescom-5-Stage

Then you can find the two last layers. First, there’s the reverse osmosis membrane. It kills the smallest contaminants, cleaning up the water deeply. And with the inline T33 GAC coconut carbon shell, the water regains the mineral composition while removing leftover pathogens.

This filtering system reduces everything from heavy metals to viruses, bacteria, and germs. And what’s more important, it delivers the crisper and freshest glasses of water you could expect.
Despite its filtering capacity, it still works at decent pressures going from 45 to 75 PSI. You won’t have to wait 10 minutes for a gallon of water to come out of the faucet.

Something we can’t dismiss is the water tank and spout it comes with. If you want to use this filter on an unfinished kitchen, then these accessories will come like the perfect choice.

And lastly, the filter comes with quick-connect fittings, so you won’t have to waste hours setting up the filter. A few minutes should be enough to set it up and get it working under the sink or anywhere else.

While the installation is reasonably straightforward for experienced users, beginners will find themselves with headaches. The process takes only a few minutes, but it is not easy to figure out if you haven’t installed one of these before. Once it’s installed, however, it works like a charm.

What We Like:

  • The exceptional 5-stage system will remove everything you can think of from the water – especially the chlorine.
  • We found its design and array of accessories to make it a portable filter as well, helping us filter water almost everywhere we went.
  • Doesn’t require much work to install in any faucet or plumbing system as you have sufficient experience with these systems.
  • The capacity to handle up to 75 PSI of water pressure will make it ideal for high-flow systems where speed is essential.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • If you aren’t well-versed or at least slightly experience installing this kind of filter, then you may struggle. We recommend hiring an expert for this or taking your time.


Why is Chlorine Used?

Almost every country in the world uses chlorine on its water-treatment plants to kill germs, parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

Chlorine is one of the most effective chemicals at eliminating potentially dangerous contaminants in the water without damaging humans, animals, or plants.

Since its introduction in the US back in 1908, it prevented the spread of severely dangerous diseases like typhoid fever, cholera, E.coli, dysentery, and many others. In fact, we can go as far as to say that chlorine in public water was the most important health discovery of the last century.

Is Chlorine Safe To Drink?

Chlorine is the safest chemical used for cleaning or disinfecting water. But it needs to be used safely.

In places where freshwater is full of harmful pathogens, water-treatment companies use a lot more chlorine than average. This may cause the water to be chlorine-overloaded, causing potential harm in the short and long term.

There are some dangers to be careful about for water with more than 4 PPM (parts per million) of chlorine. This includes damage to the skin, stomach, lungs, eyes, bladder, and kidneys. Physical conditions related to chlorine are rare, though. But they may still happen.

Do Water Filters Remove Chlorine?

Yes. Most water filters will remove chlorine from the water. But not all water filters offer the same experience. And what’s even more critical, no filter can remove 100% of all the chlorine on water.

The best water filter for chlorine is reverse osmosis (RO) with a carbon pre-filter media. They can remove up to 98% of all the chlorine, while alternatives only remove a total of 90% or less.
This happens because the water goes through the carbon first, removing between 90% to 97% of the chlorine. Once it reaches the RO membrane, most of the chlorine has dissipated, so it can eventually remove the smallest particles left behind.

It is important to note that filters will also remove disease-causing bacteria, parasites, viruses, and germs. Some filters do this even more effectively than chlorine itself.

The Downside of Chlorination

Chlorine is super-helpful in removing potentially dangerous pathogens from your water. But as said before, it is a toxic chemical, so it may cause problems in the short or long term. Among the dangers related to chlorination, we can consider:

  • Temporary eyesight loss and irritation
  • Skin irritation and soreness
  • Respiratory system damage
  • Long-term risk of cancer
  • Loss of taste and smell

While these can be potentially damaging, they happen rarely. That’s why chlorination is still considered a worthwhile thing to do in most US states and around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Even after going through our reviews and comprehensive info section, you may still have a doubt or two about water filters for chlorine. Within this section, we hope to clarify any confusion you may have:

Do Brita water filters remove chlorine?

Yes. Brita filters are designed with the primary purpose of cleaning off the sediment, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. But in the process, Brita filters also remove chlorine from the water, improving its taste, color, and smell.

Does boiling water remove chlorine?

It is general knowledge that boiling water for 15 minutes can remove chlorine traces left after water treatment. The process releases chlorine even more effectively than any water filter. But it may change the color, taste, and smell of the water if not done correctly.

At the same time, boiling also evaporates water, making it an inefficient way to remove chlorine. And lastly, the amount of water you can boil at once is limited to the pot or tank’s size.
For this reason, it is always better to use a water filter. It is a way more effective, faster, and efficient way to clean chlorine traces than boiling.

Does charcoal remove chlorine from water?

Yes, charcoal filters are the most effective at removing chlorine. A well-made charcoal filter media can reduce the amount of chlorine by up to 97%. When paired up with other filtering methods like KDF and reverse osmosis, the process’s effectiveness is even higher, reaching removal percentages of chlorine of up to 99%.



Whether you want the filter for your kitchen faucet, garden hose, or shower – there’s certainly a filter to remove chlorine on this article to pick from.

Before picking, consider your demands over any other factor. The focus should be on getting a water filter that removes chlorine from your water system at home effectively and as fast and intensely as you need it to. You should focus on getting a water filter you can get the most out of.

That’s why the best water filter for chlorine will be the one that genuinely meets your household needs. If you pick a filter following this advice, then you will certainly not regret it.
So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to reduce the amount of chlorine you consume. Pick one from our list now!

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