Best Glass Water Filter Pitcher Reviews (+Buying Guide 2021)

According to the World Health Organization, about 2 billion people worldwide consume water contaminated with feces. The water that reaches your home may not have this problem, but it will likely contain other contaminants that may cause severe health dangers. That’s why having the best glass water filter pitcher at home can be such an … Read more

Best Tasting Water Filter Pitcher – (Reviews & Comparison)


Pitchers are designed to filter water on-the-go, removing contaminants to make the water drinkable. Sadly, this drinkable water is not always tasty. This happens because not all pitchers can filter the water well enough to remove bad taste. Luckily, you can fix that with the best tasting water filter pitcher. The ideal pitcher removes most … Read more

Best Water Filter Pitcher for Well Water Reviews in 2021

Well water may seem clean and tasty but most of the time it’s not in the slightest. In fact, a glass of well water can have a lot more contaminants than one glass from filtered water from the faucet. And these contaminants can be a lot more harmful. That’s why it is essential to have … Read more

Best Copper Water Bottles for Ayurvedic Benefit in 2021


People have been storing water in copper containers for thousands of years. Not only is copper an essential trace mineral that is vital to maintaining a healthy body, but it also contains natural water purification elements. There is mounting evidence that our ancient ancestors were onto something when they started storing water in copper containers. … Read more

Best Water Infuser Pitcher in 2021 – (Top 10 Picks)


Drinking water every minute is can be boring. Even your taste buds will get fed up at some point. But what happens when you get to drink a glass of water with different fruits flavor? Definitely, your taste buds will also crave more. This is why you need a water infuser pitcher. With this kitchen … Read more

Best Alkaline Water Pitchers – Top Budget Models For 2021


Water is one of the most integral constituents of our diet. It plays a vital role in our health. After all, 60% of our body is made of water. The tap water we use is not always drinkable. In fact, it’s often found to be acidic and a leading cause of digestive problems. Moreover, we … Read more