Best Zero Water Filter Reviews (+Ultimate Buying Guide)


Drinking contaminated water is one of the easiest ways to get ill. And believe it or not, more than 2.2 billion people in the world don’t have completely sanitized tap water delivery. You could be one of them without knowing. That’s why we bring the best zero water filter reviews. We want you to understand … Read more

Best Water Filter for Coliform Bacteria – Reviews & Comparison


In the US alone, about 265,000 people get infected by coliform bacteria every year. Most cases are mild. Others are a bit strong. And some of them eventually cause life-threatening symptoms. Either way, the infection almost always starts from drinking untreated water. We’re here to help you fix that. With the best water filter for … Read more

Best Arsenic Removal System in 2021 – (Tested & Reviewed)


As one of the most harmful elements you can find in drinking water, arsenic comes close to being the first one. But because it is difficult to remove from the water, finding a filtration system that does such a job can take a lot of time. If you don’t want to spend any of that … Read more

Best Ceramic Water Filters in 2021 – (Tested & Reviewed)


Few things are more pleasant than opening a faucet, filling a glass of water, and drinking it without hesitation. If you live in a place where tap water doesn’t come clean enough for this to happen, then you need the best ceramic water filter at home. It is obviously one of the few products you … Read more

Best Inline Water Filter in 2021 – [Tested & Reviewed]


Having an inline water filter means clean, refreshing water at the touch of a button. These easy-to-install filters can connect to your refrigerator’s waterline, and many of them can last for almost a year, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing them. However, finding the right filter while factoring in your budget and … Read more

Best Whole House Reverse Osmosis System – (Expert Reviews 2021)


Not all RO systems are created equal. Some RO systems are small under-the-counter systems designed to provide drinking water at a single tap. They work great but won’t meet all your filtration needs. On the other hand, a whole-house reverse osmosis system is installed on your main water line and has the capacity to provide … Read more

Best Iron Filter For Well Water In 2021 – Tested & Reviewed


If you have well water, your water could be significantly reducing the lifespan of your appliances such as your washer, dryer, and dishwasher. You might even get scaling and orange discoloration in your sinks, as well as a rotten egg odor. While the metals, specifically iron, cause these issues usually occur naturally and are not … Read more

Best Water Ionizer Reviews in 2021 – (Expert Buying Guide)


Drinking alkaline water can have numerous health benefits including softer skin and hair and a healthier gut. While the price for an alkaline water ionizer might seem a bit stark, the systems are meant to last for years, which can save money in the long run. Included in this article are extensive reviews on the … Read more

Best Carbon Water Filter in 2021 – (Our Analysis & Reviews)


Having clean water is a huge priority for most people. Whether you know you have bad water or old pipes or are just hoping to install a water filtration system for preventative measures, having a great carbon-based water filter is a great option. Carbon blocks remove a wide range of contaminants and leave your water … Read more

Best Water Filter For Lead Removal – (Updated for 2021)


Historically, lead pipes were used throughout the United States to build waterways and sewage systems underground. Unfortunately, since these pipelines were installed, it has come to fruition that lead is incredibly dangerous for human consumption. While there is not much that can be done about the pipes bringing water to your home or any other … Read more